Quize Competition Question with Answer

Quiz Competition

 Date:                                                                                             Time:  30 Minutes

Name: _____________________________________                  Token No: _________________

Mark the most suitable answer by encircling the corresponding letter, A or B or C

1. What is the sensitivity of ELCB Used in L&T ECCD
        A) 30mA                   B) 35mA                     C) 40mA

2. Fire on Electrical comes under
       A) Class A                 B) Class B                  C) Class C

3. Which message indicating this sign?
         A) No Parking        B) Road closed      C) No stopping or standing

4. Maximum permissible weight to be lifted by an adult manually-
      A) 75kg                       B) 50kg                       C) 65 kg

5. The component of Fire triangle is
           A) Fuel, Oxygen & Heat                     B) Fuel, Hydrogen & Air
     C) Gas, Ignition & Chain reaction

6. Whether it is advisable to use mobile during charging.
     A) Yes      B) No              

7. “World Environment Day” is celebrated on
A)    1st January     B) 14th February     C) 5th June    D) 1st  December

      8. In case of electrical fire best method to extinguish it is

  A)    Spray water over it    B)   Put off the main switch

 9. Driver having LMV license is authorized to drive Grader
          A) True        B) False

 10. The ladder should be fixed or tied in permanent structure ‘Top & Bottom’.
          A) True                 B) False

11.Stands for LOTO?

         A) Lockout & Tag out            B) Loose out & Tight out       C) Log out & Tag out

12. Reflective jacket is used to ____________________purpose.

       A) Visibility of road users        B) Identify the person     C) Health protection

13.If the scaffolding is safe to use, which tag is used? 
    A) Green tag            B) Yellow tag     C) Red tag

14. In the gas cutting process backfire occurs due to
          A) Leakage in gas cylinder      B) Leakage in hoses     C) The blockage of nozzle

15. __________ is provided for avoiding electrocution.

            A) ELCB                            B) SCABA                       C) Fuse

16. Safety belt required to working above _____________ m height.

           A) 2m                        B) 3m                        C) 4m

17. The minimum width of working platform only one workmen.

       A) 400mm                                     B) 500mm                               C) 600mm

18. SWL stands for ________________.

       A) Safe Working Load                B) Safety Working Line       C) Safe Working line

19. Triangular shape sign board is used _____________.

       A) Mandatory                                B) Informatory                        C) Cautionary

20. ___________ Should be used in all conveyor of plants for Emergency stop

       A) Pull card                                    B) limit switch                        C) Guard rail

21. Which permit should be taken before doing welding job?

       A) Excavation Permit                      B) Hot work permit                C) Maintenance Permit

22.  Operator using mobile phone while operating the crane.

        A) True                                            B) False

23.  What is age limit for engaging workman at site?

        A) 18 – 55                                        B) 18-68                                   C) 18 – 50

24. While parking the vehicle in slope.

        A) Apply hand brake                       B) Provide wheel stopper       C) Both A & B

25. __________is required while lifting the length object.
        A) Guide rope                                  B) chain pulley                         C) Fall Arrester

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