Quiz Competition Question with answer

Quiz Competition

Mark the most suitable answer by encircling the corresponding letter, A, B, C or D

1. What is the color code of DA & O2 Cylinder

        A) Marron and Black       B)    Black and Marron     C) Maroon & Blue

2. The component of Fire triangle is

       A) Fuel, Oxygen & Heat                           
       B) Fuel, Hydrogen & Air
       C) Gas, Ignition & Chain reaction

3. Maximum permissible weight to be lifted by an adult manually-

       A) 75kg                            B) 50kg                       C) 60 kg

4. Fire on gas comes under

      A)  Class A                       B) Class B                   C) Class C

5. Which is the environment protection act?

               A) 1986                                B) 1983                                        C) 1992

6. What is the low end of blood pressure for an individual to be classified as hypertensive?

      A) 120/80                          B) 130/85                     C) 140/85

7. RCCB stands for _________.

A) Residual current circuit Breaker   B) Resistance current circuit Breaker
C) Residual current circuit Board       

8. ______ hand gloves to be used while doing welding works.

   A) Cotton                             B) Leather                  C) Rubber

9. Expansion of IRC?
    A) Indian Road council                
    B) Indian Railway control
    C) Indian Roads congress

10. Which one is covered for road signs specification?

           A) IRC 76              B) IRC 67                C) IRC 55

11. If the scaffolding is safe to use, which tag is used? 

           A) Green tag           B) Yellow tag         C) Red tag

12. Whether it is advisable to use mobile during charging.

            A) Yes                     B) No
13. While using mobile phone, we should always use _______ ear.

            A) Left                      B) Right

14. “National Safety Day” is celebrated on

             A) 1st January                 B) 5th June                          C) 4th March            

15. _____________ is the building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and condition of service) act.

              A) 1998                     B) 1996                       C) 1948                       D) 1923

16. How much ratio is required to fix the ladder?

          A) 1:2                      B) 2:4                        C) 1:4
17. Driver having LMV license is authorized to drive Grader

               A) True                     B) False

18. What is the thumb rule to calculate the S.W.L in Kg of Wire rope Sling?

      A) 2 D2                      B) 4 D2                        C) 8 D2                  D) 16 D2                                                        

19.  MSDS stands for _____________..

               A) Material Store Data sheet
               B) Manpower Safety Data Sheet
               C) Material Safety Data Sheet

20. Which message indicating this sign?

A) Two way traffic     B) Diversion to other carriage way    C)  Un even road

21. How much tone will lift 1 inch dia sling?

         A) 4                      B) 8               C) 6

22. Gas cylinders should always be kept in

               A) Vertical position                         B) Horizontal position
               C) Upright Position            D) inclined position

23. Traffic control zone shall be divided in to _________ zone.

                A) 5                 B) 3                 C) 4

24. ___________ sign boards are circular shape.

   A) Informatory                    B) Cautionary             C) Mandatory
25. Safety belt required to working above _____________ m height.

         A) 2m                      B) 3m                        C) 1.8m
26. Fire extinguishers are for
A.  Any fire                                         C.  Paper fires
B.  Small fires                                    D.  Chemical fires

27.  Choose the color coding of single phase supply cables.

    A) Phase – Red, Neutral – Green, Earth – Black
    B) Phase – Black, Neutral – Red, Earth – Green
    C) Phase – Red, Neutral – Black, Earth – Green

28. “World Environment Day” is celebrated on

             A) 1st January                  B) 5th June                        C) 4th July

29.  DCP stands for _______.

               A) Dry Chemical Powder   B) Dry Compound Powder      C) Dry Chemical Power

30. Back fire occurs ________ operation.

    A) Welding            B) Gas cutting          C) Drilling

31. What is the safety device to be fitted in GAS CUTTING set

    A) Flame arrester                   B) Flash Back Arrester
    C) Fall Arrester                      D) Fire extinguisher

32. What should be the minimum width of working Platform above the height of 6 feet

    A) 600 mm                                        B) 1000mm
    C) 400mm                              D) 300mm

33. Dust Generation due to:-

    A) Wind and Vehicular movement.                B) Operation of the stone crushers
    C) Drilling and blasting operation.                 D) All of the above.

34. You run the risk of hearing loss if you are exposed to an average of more than ______ dB over an    8-hrs work day
    A) 70                       B) 80               C) 90              D) 100            E) None

35. Maximum ________ Volt supply is recommended while working in a confined space:

    A) 24 volt               B) 20 volt         C) 220 volt      D) 440 volt

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