Safety Quiz competition Questions


Mark the most suitable answer by encircling the corresponding letter, A or B or C

1. Safety belt required to working above _____________ m height.
A) 2m    B) 3m    C) 4m   

2. How much ratio is required to fix the ladder?
A) 1:2    B) 2:4     C) 1:4

3. The ladder should be fixed or tied in permanent structure ‘Top & Bottom’.
A) True B) False

4. The overall height of step ladder shall not be exceeding _______________ m.
A) 3        B) 6        C) 10

5. ______________ shall be used by all workmen engaged in scaffold erection work.
A) Safety belt    B) Fall arrester   C) Ear muff

6. While erection and dismantling the scaffold which tag should be provided.
A) Red Tag          B) Green Tag      C) Orange Tag

7. This tag indicating scaffold is completed & safe for use.
A) Green Tag     B) Red Tag           C) Yellow Tag

8. Minimum and Maximum height of hand rails.
A) 0.9/1.2m        B) 0.5/1.0m         C) 01/1.5m

9. The minimum width of working platform only one workmen.
A) 400mm           B) 500mm            C) 600mm

10. LPG is a mixture of Butane and ____________.
A) Methane       B) Propane         C) Ethane

11. LPG is ____________.
A) Heavier than air          B) Lighter than air            C) Equivalent to air

12. Acetylene and other fuel gas hose color is ___________.
A) Blue                 B) White              C) Red

13. SWL stands for ________________.
A) Safe Working Load     B) Safety Working Line  C) Safe Working line

14. PPE stands for ____________.
A) Personal Protective Equipment      B) Person Protected Equipment
C) Protected Personal Equipment

15. Class A fire is example for ____________.
A) Liquid              B) Gas                   C) Solid combustible materials

16. Foam type extinguishers are more suitable __________ fire.
A) Class A            B) Class B             C) Class C

17. Liquid fire is _______ type fire.
A) Class B             B) Class A             C) Class C

18. Gas is an example for which type of fire.
A) Class A             B) Class B           C) Class C

19. PASS method is using _________?
A) Operation method of extinguisher       B) Operation method of Crane
C) Operation method of electricity

20. DCP stands for _________.
A) Dry Chemical Powder         B) Dry Compound Powder
C) Dry Chemical Power

21. Mandatory signs are ________ shape.
A) Triangle          B) Rectangle       C) Circle

22. Triangular shape sign board is used _____________.
A) Mandatory    B) Informatory  C) Cautionary

23. __________ is provided for avoiding electrocution.
A) ELCB                 B) SCABA             C) Fuse

24. While driving in residential areas look for _______.
A) Cross walk     B) Traffic light    C) Children and Pets

25. In case of electrical fire best method to extinguish it is ___.
A) Spray water  B) Switch off main           C) DCP Extinguish

26. What is not allowed in general storage areas?
A) Bulk paper     B) Office stationary         C) Flammable liquids

27. Delineators shall be used for which purpose in road safety?
A) Intimating road edge                       B)  Intimating diversion          C) Intimating  Traffic signals

28. MCB stands for _________.
A) Miniature Circuit Board   B) Miniature Current Board  C) Mini Circuit Board

29. Fire is ___________ reaction.
A) Chemical reaction        B)  Major reaction
C) synthesis reaction

30. Fire requires 3 elements for ignition fuel, oxygen, and heat without any one of these a fire cannot occur.
A) True                 B) False

31. Good house keeping is the first step in fire prevention.
A) True                 B) False

32. Fire triangle contains _________________.
A) Hydrogen, Heat, Fuel   B) Heat, Fuel
C) Oxygen, Heat, Fuel

33. Every _______________m interval vertically bracing shall be fixed with permanent structure.
A) 5        B) 6        C) 2

34. Any space having limited means of access and egress called _______________.
A) Confined space           B) Excavation     C) Shoring

35. IRC stands for _____________________.
A) Indian Road Congress
B) International Road Congress
C) Indian Road Conference

36. Cut off fuel from the scene of fire is _____________ method.
A) Starvation      B) Smothering   C) Cooling

37. Removal of oxygen from the scene of fire is ________________ method.
A) Smothering   B) Cooling            C) Starvation

38. Removal of heat from the scene of fire is _________________ method.
A) Starvation      B) Cooling            C) Smothering

39. Accident is a _____________ event.
A) Controlled event        B) Uncontrolled event
40. A person who is properly trained and authorized to perform a specific work in a safe manner is ___________?
A) Competent Person    B) Incompetent person C) None

41. Man-made cut, cavity, or trench is called __________?
A) Trenching      B) Shoring           C)  Excavation   

42. _________an unsafe condition or practice that could cause an injury or illness to employees and is preventable.
A) Accident         B) Risk                   C) Hazard

43. Which PPE is used for hearing protection?
A) Safety helmet              B) Safety shoe                   C) Ear plug

44.  Safety net is used for __________ protection?
A) Electrical shock            B) Fall protection              C) Collapse of scaffold

45. In normal air, oxygen level _________%?
A) 20%                  B) 21%                  C) 19%

46. Guard rails are used in ____________?
A) Excavation                     B) Scaffold          C) Trenching

47. A narrow excavation is called ___________ and depth is not greater than the width.
A) Shoring           B) Trenching       C) Excavation

48. Shoring protect from _________.
A) Trenching      B) Cave in            C) Electrical shock

49. Shield, Shoring, and Sloping these are protect from ____________?
A) Trenching      B) Cave in            C) Electrical shock

50. Fall from height, which hazard is occurs?
A) Burning Hazard            B) Skin diseases                                C) Slipping hazard

51. Double ear thing to be prevent which hazard?
A) Falling              B) Electrocution                                C) Eye damage

52. ELCB/RCCB is used in ____________ work?
A) Scaffolding    B) Electrical         C) Road work

53. EHS stands for _______?
A) Environmental Health & Safety
B) Ensuring Health & Safety
C) Emphasis Health & Safety

54. In working at height ___________ PPE shall be used.
A) Safety Gloves              B) Ear muff         C) Safety belt

55. A fire extinguisher containing which of these materials would be most effective for fighting an electrical fire?
A) Carbon dioxide (CO2)                               (B) Water            (C) Either “A” and “B”

56. Which of these words is an acronym for how to use a fire extinguisher?
A) PUSH               B) PULL                 C) PASS

57.   Which message indicating this sign?
 A)Stop Sign         B) No Parking     C) Give way

58.   Which message indicating this sign?
 A)  Height limit                  B) Speed limit                    C) Width limit

59.  Which message indicating this sign?
A) Cross Road                    B) Narrow road ahead   C) Barrier ahead

60. _____________is a temporary structure used to support people and materials in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.
A) Ladder            B) Scaffold          C) other equipment

61. Scaffold erection can be carried out by _____________?
A) Unskilled work men  B) Skilled work men        C) Supervisor

62. The scaffold being dismantled __________________ tag to be provided.
 A) Blue Tag                        B) Red tag                           C)Green tag

63. Boom length is related in ____________ vehicle.
A) Excavator                       B) Tippers                            C) Crane

64. Diesel and Petrol stores which type of extinguishers can be used?
A) DCP                  B) CO2                   C) Foam

65. In electrical fires water and foam type extinguishers cannot be used. True or False?
A) True                 B) False

66. If waste papers caught fire ______________ type of extinguisher to be used.
A) Dry powder                  B) Water                              C) CO2

67. Which is give protection from Respiratory problems
A) safety Helmet B) Safety Shoe C) Nose Mask

68.  All Machinery Rotating parts should be guarded?
A) True         B) False

69.  Water should be sprinkled in Crusher area to control the dust.
A) True    B)  False  

70. While Blasting Vehicle or any machinery used as a blasting shelter?
A) True          b) False

71. ELCB/RCCB will trip in _____________MA?
A) 20               B) 30                       C) 40

72. Damaged Electrical wire laid on the ground. Weather it is low risk or high risk?
A) Low Risk                 B) High Risk

73. Stands for LOTO?
A) Lock out & Tag out            B) Loose out & Tight out
C) Log out & Tag out

74. ___________ Should be used in all conveyor of plants for Emergency stop
A) Pull card        B) limit switch     C) Guard rail

75. __________Earthing required for welding Machine.
A) Single        B) Double     C) No Earthing

76. Which permit should be taken before doing welding job?
A) Excavation Permit    B) Hot work permit    C) Maintenance Permit

77. Flagmen are responsible to control & divert the traffic safely.
A) True                 B) False               

78. Cone & temporary sign boards are _________ traffic signals.
A)  Portable        B) Permanent    C) None

79. Delineators are used in ___________?
A) Traffic controlling device         B) Extinguishing device
C) Scaffold erection device

80.  Electrical cable & Gas hose pipe  should not be laid on the welding cable
A) True                b) False

81.  How much tone will lift 1 inch dia sling?
 A) 4       B) 8        C) 6

82.  While crane is lifting an object the signal man should be provided.
A) True                 B) False

83. __________is required while lifting the length object.
A) Guide rope    B) chain pulley  C) Fall Arrester

84. ___________ is used on out riggers jack where the soil bearing capacity is less.  
A)  Plywood sheet                 B) Stone       C) MS Base Plate or wooden runners

85. While lifting the object workmen should stand under the lifting load.
A) True                  B) False

86.  Operator using mobile phone while operating the crane.
A) True                 B) False

87. _____________ hand gloves to be used while doing Welding works.
A) Cotton                  B) Leather          C) Rubber 

88.  Which is to be done while working near/under Over head power lines.
A) Clearance form EHS dept       B) Follow LOTO system           C) both A & B

89. Pep Talk is called _______________.
A) Tool box talk              B) Group risk assessment     C) Safety meeting

90. _______________ is used for avoiding accident related to sleeping under the vehicle / machinery.
A) Reverse horn                  B)Delay start Mechanism     C) Indicators

91. Reflective jacket is used to ____________________purpose.
A) Visibility of road users     B) Identify the person     C) Body protection

92.  Which PPE is used for foot protection?
A) Safety belt                    B) Safety shoe   C) Safety helmet

93.  What is age limit for engaging workman at site?
A) 18 – 55                            B) 18-68                C) 18 – 50

94. “World Environment Day ” is celebrated on
A) 1st January         B) 14th February             C) 5th June

95. While using mobile phone
, we should always use _______ ear.
A) Left                      B) Right

96. While parking the vehicle in slope.
A) Apply hand brake       B) Provide wheel stopper           C) Both A & B

97. Driver having LMV license is authorized to drive Grader
A) True                                 B) False

98. For safe operation of grinding machine
A) Wheel RPM should be more than machine
B)  Wheel RPM should be less than machine
C) Wheel RPM should be equal to machine

99. In any vehicle fuel tank, it is easy to catch fire
A) When it is filled           B) When it is half filled

100. In the gas cutting process backfire occurs due to
A) Leakage in gas cylinder            B) Leakage in hoses             C) The blockage of nozzle            


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