Safety Quiz competition Questions


Mark the most suitable answer by encircling the corresponding letter, A, B, C or D

1. Let go limit value for men is
A) 30mA                               B) 25mA                               C) 10mA

2. To avoid suffocation the % of oxygen in the environment should be around
A) 30%                  B) 10%                                  C) 20%

3. The overall length of step ladder shall not be exceeding ___________m.
A) 3        B) 6        C) 10

4. Height of handrails should not be less than
A) 30”                    B) 42”                    C) 50”

5. In the gas cutting process backfire occurs due to
A) Leakage in gas cylinder            B) Leakage in hoses                        C) The blockage of nozzle

6. For electric equipment having metallic body, there should be
A) Single earthing                            B) Triple earthing                             C) Two distinct earthing

7. Double insulated tools are those, which are having-
A) Metallic body                                 
B) Body of non conducting materials  
C)  Two layers of insulation on its body

8. Lubricating the regulator of gas cylinder is
A) Safe                 B) Essential                         C) Unsafe

9. The poisonous gas present in the exhaust of automobile is-
A) N2H3                 B) CH4                   C) CO

10. The component of Fire triangle is
A) Fuel, Oxygen & Heat                
B) Fuel, Hydrogen & Air
C) Gas, Ignition & Chain reaction

11. Dehydration occurs due to
A) Ionizing radiation        B) Heat radiation              C) None of A & B

12. ELCB does not function in the absence of _____________
A) Equipment earthling                 B) Neutral earthling        C) Both A & B

13. Higher the included angle of a Hitch,
A) Lower the force on the sling  B) Higher the force on the sling C) Both A & B

14. Maximum permissible weight to be lifted by an adult manually-
A) 75kg                 B) 50kg                 C) 60 kg

15. In fully pressurized condition the pressure of acetylene inside the cylinder is-             
A) 175psi              B) 567.7 psi                         C) 224.7 psi

16. Fire on gas comes under
A)  Class A                           B) Class B                             C) Class C

17. LPG is
A) Heavier than air          B) Lighter than air                            C) Equivalent to air

18. DCP fire extinguisher puts off the fire by the principle off-
A) Cooling                                           B) Smothering                   C) Starvation

19. While traveling uphill the boom angle of crane should be
A) Decreased                     B) Increased                                       C) Kept unchanged

20. Included angle of a hitch greater than __________ is not safe.
A) 45o                                                      B) 90o                                    C) 60o

21. During gas cutting flashback occurs when
A) Flame velocity is less than that of the gas mixture.
B) Flame velocity is greater than that of the gas mixture.
C) None of A &B

22. In electric circuit the fuse is connected
A) In phase wire                               B) In neutral wire                             C) Both A & B

23. The speed of grinding m/c should be _________ than that of the grinding wheel.
A) Greater                                          B) Less                                                  C) Equal

24. What is the low end of blood pressure for an individual to be classified as hypertensive?
A) 120/80                                             B) 130/85                                             C) 140/85

25. The optimum cholesterol level would be:
A) < 140mg/dl                    B) 160mg/dl                                        C) 200mg/dl

26. What is the single largest risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest?
A) High BP                                           B) Smoking                                         C) High Cholesterol

27. MCB stands for _________.
A) Miniature Circuit Board   B) Miniature Current Board  C) Mini Circuit Board

28. The spread of fire is more rapid in a closed room
 A)   True                              B) False
29. The first aid for burn is
A) Water
B) Medicated ointment from the first aid box
C) Butter/ghee/oil

 30. When LPG cylinder leaks from the pin action to be taken
 A)  Keep the cylinder in open are
B) Lock it with sealing disc
C) Inform the LPG dealer

31. Expansion of IRC?
A) Indian Road council                
B) Indian Railway control
C) Indian Roads congress

32. Which one is covered for road signs specification?
 A) IRC 76              B) IRC 67                C) IRC 45

33. Tower spindle extension should not be more than_______________
A) 300 mm          B) 600mm          C) 400mm

34. If the scaffolding is safe to use, which tag is used? 
A) Green tag            B) Yellow tag     C) Red tag

35. A portable fire extinguisher will last for
A) 15 to 20 seconds         B) 2 to 3 seconds              C) 2 minutes

36. Defensive driving is
A) An attitude about driving
B) Not required at all times
C) A way to drive faster

37. Defensive driving is
A) Stop every 50 miles
B) Do not weave in and out of traffic
C) Move quickly through intersections

38. While driving in residential areas, look for
A) Cross walk        B) Traffic light                 C) Children and pets  

39. Whether it is advisable to use mobile during charging.
A) Yes      B) No

40. While using mobile phone, we should always use _______ ear.
A) Left    B) Right

 41. “World Environment Day” is celebrated on
A) 1st January   B) 14th February        C) 5th June     

42. for safe operation of grinding machine
A) Wheel RPM should be more than machine
B) Wheel RPM should be less than machine
C) Wheel RPM should be equal than machine

43. While parking the vehicle in slope
A) Apply gear     B) Provide wheel stopper            C) Apply hand brake

44. Fire on bitumen product can be controlled by use of water
A) True                                 B) False

 45. In case of electrical fire best method to extinguish it is
A) Spray water over it   B) Put off the main switch

 46. In any vehicle fuel tank, it is easy to catch fire
A) When it is filled           B) When it is half filled 

47. _____________ is the building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and condition of service) act.
A) 1998                 B) 1996                 C) 1948                 D) 1923

48. Driver having LMV license is authorized to drive Grader
A) True                 B) False

49. If you see bare or exposed wires you should
A) Wrap them in tape
B) Warn others and report it to a Supervisor
C) Cut the wires to prevent a fire
D) Both A and C

50. Before plugging in an electrical tool or appliance
A)  Check for broken plug
B)  Check for exposed wires
C)  Don’t overload an outlet
D)  All of the above

52. If you see a lock or tag on an electrical switch
A)  You can turn on the switch if it is your equipment
B)   It is ok to use the equipment if no one is working on it
C) You must not touch the switch
D)  None of the above

53. What is NOT allowed in general storage areas
A)  Bulk paper
B.) Flammable liquids
C)  Food
D)  Office machines

54. When city driving, always be prepared for
A) Rain or snow
B) Police cars
C) Starbucks
D) Sudden stops ahead of you

55.  MSDS stands for _____________.
A) Material Store Data sheet
B) Manpower Safety Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

56. DCP stands for _______.
A) Dry Chemical Powder               B) Dry Compound Powder           C) Dry Chemical Power

57. Which is the environment protection act?
A) 1986                 B) 1983                 C) 1992

58. ___________ code is including Quality Management.
A) ISO 9001: 2008             B) ISO 18001: 2007                           C) ISO 14001: 2004

59. IRC ____________ code of practice for road signs.
A) IRC 67 -2010  B) IRC SP 55 – 2001          C) IRC 47 – 2000

60. Traffic control zone shall be divided in to _________ zone.
A) 5        B) 3        C) 4

61. ___________ sign boards are circular shape.
A) Informatory                  B) Cautionary                     C) Mandatory

62.  ____________ is safety code for handling and storage of building materials.
A) IS 875:1987    B) IS 7969-1975                  C) IS 7293:1974
63.  A person who is properly trained and authorized to perform a specific work in a safe manner is ____________?
A) Competent person    B) Incompetent person                 C) None

64. Man made cavity or trench is called ___________?
A) Trenching      B) Shoring           C) Excavation

65. Double earthing should to be preventing which hazard?
A) Falling              B) Electrocution                                C) Eye damage

66. EHS stands for ___________?
A) Environmental Health and Safety        B) Ensuring Health and Safety    C) Emphasis Health and Safety

67. Stands for LOTO?
A) Loose Out & Tight Out              B) Lock Out & Tag Out                    C) Log Out & Tag Out

68. How much tone will lift 1 inch dia sling?
A) 4                        B) 8                        C) 6

69. ______ hand gloves to be used while doing welding works.
A) Cotton            B) Leather           C) Rubber

70.  Overall length of extension ladder shall not exceed _________ m.
A) 10m                  B) 18m                  C) 12

71. RCCB stands for _________?
A) Residual Current Circuit Breaker
B) Regional Configuration Control Board
C) Remote Control Circuit Board

72.  Choose the color coding of single phase supply cables.
A) Phase – Red, Neutral – Green, Earth – Black
B) Phase – Black, Neutral – Red, Earth – Green
C) Phase – Red, Neutral – Black, Earth – Green

73. WPS stands for __________?
A) Wi-Fi Protected Setup
B) Wisconsin Physicians Service
C) Work Permit System

73. RSPM stands for _____________.
A) Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter
B) Relativistic Self-Phase Modulation 
C) Revolutionary Socialist Party Marxist

74.  In gas cutting operation oxygen and ________ cylinder is used.
A) Hydrogen      B) Acetylene      C) Co2

75. Back fire occurs ________ operation.
A) Welding          B) Gas cutting    C) Drilling

76. CPCB stands for ________________.
A) Crew Procedures Control Board 
B) Current Protocols in Cell Biology
C) Central Pollution Control Board

77. CPCB report sulphar dioxide concentrated level in industrial area ______________.
A) 80pg/m3       B) 120pg/m3     C) 30pg/m3

78. Stands for SPM.
A) Suspended Particulate Matter
B) Special Purpose Machine
C) Software Project Management

79. Stands for RPM.
A) Raised Pavement Marking
B) Reactor Plant Manual
C) Respirable Particulate Matter

80. IS _________ code of practice for safety of chemical?
A) IS 11457       B) IS 9964         C) IS 5896

81. IS _________ code of practice for safety colors and safety signs.
A) IS 7494:1994 B) IS 9457:1980 C) IS 3786:1983

82. Which IS code is guide for selection of industrial safety equipment for eye, face and ear protection?
A) IS 8520:1977 B) IS 9623:1980            C) IS 8807: 1979

83. Indian boiler act is ________.
A) 1993 B) 1923 C) 1943

84. You should be able to recognize when a machine is locked and tagged out of service.
A) True  B) False

85. What is an excavation considered as a confined space?
A) If depth is more than 1.2 m
B) If depth is less than 1.2m
C) None of these

86. _____________ zone is the area to warn the road use of the approaching hazard and to prepare them for the change in driving conditions.
A) Approach Transition zone
B) Advance Warning Zone
C) Working Zone

87. _______ zone is the area in which the traffic is guided into the altered traffic flow around the working zone.
A) Working zone
B) Advance warning zone
C) Approach transition zone

88. ________ zone provide have sufficient space to allow traffic into normal lanes.
A) Terminal transition zone
B) Advance zone
C) Longitudinal buffer zone

89. Which zone shall have sufficient width between the working space and the moving traffic?
A) Longitudinal buffer zone
B) Lateral buffer zone
C) Working zone

90. Average speed of vehicle is 50 or less km/h, _________ m is the length of advance warning zone and ________ m is the length of approach warning zone length.
A) 1000 & 200-300         B) 100 & 50       C) 100 – 300 & 50 – 100

91. IRC: 67 code is ___________.
A) Code of practice for road signs
B) Guide lines on safety in road construction zone
C) Highway safety code

92. How many types of barricades in road safety?
A) 4 types         B) 2 types         C) 3 types

93. Average speed of vehicle is 51 – 60km/h, if the size of warning sign is _______m.
A) 600               B) 750               C) 900  

94. Type I and Type II barricades are usually used in _________ purpose of road works.
A) Temporary and maintenance works
B) Permanently road closed
C) Road diversion

95. Standard distance of flagman in road works?
A) 25 – 50m                  B) 60 – 100       C) 10 – 20m

96. In case of no footpaths walk ___________of traffic which allows better visibility?
A) Against the direction
B) Along with the traffic
C) Parallel to the right side traffic

97. Which message indicating this sign?

            A) Lane closed                  B) Road closed C) Median Closed

98. Which message indicating this sign?


A) Two way  traffic             B) Diversion to other carriage way          C)  Un even road

99.  Which traffic will follow the “Give Way” sign?
A) Side road & intersection traffic
B) Main road traffic
C) Both A & B

100. Maximum spacing distance of cones in longitudinal length of coning shall be ______ meter
A) 10m              B) 9m               C) 12m

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